Complaint Coordinating Unit

Complaint Coordination

The Complaint Coordinating Unit (CCU)was established in the Head Office of CEA for coordination and effective management of complaints related to CEA received by general public and Hotline – 1981.
Attending Public Complaints.

•    All the public complaints received by CEA through various paths as specified above are forwarded to the CCU.
•    CCUtakes initial action to categorize complaints according to the relevancy to the CEA.
•    Complaints which are fallen under the mandate of CEA or cause to environmental pollution are uploaded to the complaint software system.
•    Provincial / District offices and relevant Units of CEA take action to investigate complaints and solve the complaint/ control environmental issues.
•    Complaints which are not directly related to the mandate or subject area of CEA are forwarded to relevant agencies to take action under their purview.

How do you lodge a complaint on environmental issue?

-    Make sure the environmental issue affected by you is relevant to the CEA mandate or any other institute / agency.
-    If it is relevant to the CEA, lodge your complaint by a letter or by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to Hotline – 1981 or directly forward to the relevant Provincial/ District office. (The format to lodge a complaint – click here)
-    You will be acknowledged the receipt of complaint by CEA.
-    Your complaint will be investigated by the relevant Provincial/ District office of CEA and you will be informed the action taken.
-    Forwarding your complaint to the agency/ institute directly related to the complaint will minimize the delays for action.

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