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Laboratory of the Central Environmental Authority is professional in monitoring of water, wastewater, air noise and industrial emissions. It is well equipped to monitor the wide range of environmental parameters for ambient water, industrial wastewater, ambient air quality monitoring, noise and vibration and industrial emission etc.   

Water Quality Monitoring Unit

CEA water quality monitoring unit was accredited by Sri Lanka Accreditation Board (SLAB) for chemical testing parameters in water and wastewater in November 2018.

The water quality testing laboratory offer a complete range of water quality monitoring series in Sri Lanka. The analyses are carried out by competent, trained, qualified and experienced staff.
All equipment in the laboratory are calibrated by reputed and accredited calibration laboratories to ensure the required accuracy and traceability to international standards.

Main activities of Water Quality Monitoring Unit

1   Control of water pollution through monitoring of water and industrial waste waters
•    Compliance monitoring of industrial wastewater for regulatory purposes.
•    Investigation of public complaint on discharges of industrial effluent.
•    Provide technical assistance to establish the regulation and standards on water and wastewater within the CEA and for the other organizations.
2   Conservation of water quality of the inland water bodies in the country
•    Regular Monitoring of the water quality in inland surface waters in the country regularly
•    Provide laboratory services to restore and remediate the polluted water bodies.
•    Provide laboratory services to development project to collect base line data on  ambient water on commercial  basis ( EIA and IEE)
3 Conductingof the environmental educational and awareness programs
•    Providing training to the university under graduates
•    Conducting an awareness programme for school children and general public on water pollution or any other water related issues.


Contact information

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Telephone    : 0112872606                      Telephone    : 011287278 Ext. 115
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