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Service Appreciation 2017

In conjunction with the celebrations of the New Year 2017, a special ceremony was organized by CEA to recognize employees who have marked over 20 years of service to the Authority. This Ceremony was initiated in 2016 as a novel concept of the Chairman of CEA, Prof. Lal Mervin Dharmasiri and this year's program was organized on the 2nd of January 2017 by the Human Resource Development Unit with the patronage of the Welfare Society of CEA.

Bronze medals were awarded to 190 employees who have completed 20 years of service, while gold medals were awarded to 03 employees with 30 years of service. Moreover, certificates of appreciation were awarded to six employees who had made outstanding contribution to the Authority. Ten employees who retired after rendering their valuable service to the Authority were also appreciated at the occasion.

As part of this ceremony, the Welfare Society awarded scholarships to the children of the members, who have obtained higher results in the Year 5 Scholarship, Ordinary Level and Advance Level examinations.

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