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Using of Plastic / Polythene materials banned in Sri Pada Area

  • During the Sri Pada pilgrim season large number of different religious pilgrims come to Sri Pada and the end of the season the area was covered with many tons of Polyethene and Plastic. Annually, plastic / polythene collecting centre at Nallathanni supervise by CEA collect waste plastic and recorded all the details. Last year also CEA has been organized a cleaning campaign and collected 830 kg of waste plastic and 5.5 tons of PET bottles at the end of the season. These waste create a huge environmental impact to the natural ecosystem and biodiversity in the area. As a solution for this environmental hazard, authorities have decided to ban polythene / plastic during this Sripada season. Director of Health Service in Nuwara Eliya District has officially confirmed that using of plastic/polythen is prohibited in the season. As a result authorities effect to reduce the plastic waste during the pilgrim.
  • Government of Sri Lanka has a vital role to protect Sripada area, which was declared as a world heritage site by the UNESCO since 2010.
  • Prof. Lal Dharmasiri, Chairman CEA stated that as a citizen of Sri Lanka, everybody has the responsibility to protect this world heritage area. So, that we request from the pilgrims to joint the hand with nature to make this effort a success.  
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