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“Kala Ulela” of the Central Environmental Authority

To improve the esthetic talents of the employees of the CEA, the Welfare Society of the Authority organized a Kala Ulela on 19th December 2019 at the Auditorium of the CEA.

Mr. Isura Devapriya, former Chairman of the CEA, Mr. Hemantha Jayasinghe, Director General of the CEA participated as the Chief invitees of the event. Enticing items including solo singing, solo dancing, group singing, group dancing and drama were presented by the employees of the CEA.
To reduce the stressful working environment of the employees this kind of events are very much important.

Out of all items Judge Panel was selected winners as follow;
No    Item    Places
1.    Singing - Group    1st – Environmental Education & Awareness Division
2nd – Environmental Management & Assessment Division
3rd – Human Resource Development
2.    Solo singing - Female    1st – Ms. Shehani Sandarenu – Fainance Unit
2nd – Ms – Lakmini Radhika - EPU
3rd – Ms. D Valentina –Kaluthara District Office
3.    Solo Singing – Male     1st – Mr. Upul Priyantha – Gampaha District Office
2nd – Mr. H S P Thisera – Transport Sub Unit
3rd – Mr. Chamila Jayawickrama –Finance Unit
4.    Dancing - Group    1st – Western Provincial Office
2nd – Gampaha District Office
3rd - Environmental Education & Awareness Division
5.    Drama    Environmental Management & Assessment Division & Western Province Office


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