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Waste Flow & Recycle Industry Survey, Information Dissemination Seminar

JICA has been conducting a waste management project namely “Expert in Pollution Control and Reduction of Environmental Burden in Solid Waste Management - ReEB Waste -” in Sri Lanka from February 2017 to 2019. In cooperation with CEA, this project selects three Local Authorities, Kurunegala Municipal Council, Ratnapura Municipal Council, and KataragamaPradeshiyaSabha as pilot project sites, and have been carried out improvement work of their landfills, promoting 3R activities such as separate collection from households, shops and business offices. After the separate collection is being carried out smoothly, it is important that Local Authority properly hand over their recyclable wastes to the private recycling industry.
Considering the situation JICA project organized a seminar to find out and estimate “Recyclable Waste Flow in Sri Lanka” through the distribution channels for 3 local authorities (Kurunegala MC, Ratnapura MC, KataragamaPS:3 Pilot project sites of JICA ReEB Waste Project).Moreover, To provide a venue where Sri Lankan Central Government, Local Authorities, Recycle Industry, Japanese Recycling Company can engage in provocative discussions and fruitful exchanges on the subject of Recycling industry development policy and Proper waste treatment system in Sri Lanka. The seminar was held on 13th December 2018 at the Sri Lanka Foundation.
About 200 participants representing Local Authorities, CEA (Central Environmental Authority), NSWMSC (National Solid Waste Management Support Center), Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, Waste Management Authority, Recyclers and Collectors participated in this seminar.

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