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Progress Reviewing Workshop for SLAF Solid Waste Management Program

Central Environmental Authority with Command Quality Assurance Office (CQAO) of Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) have initiated a solid waste management program under the directions given by the Presidential Secretariat in 2017.
CEA provided technical exposure on Solid Waste Management, Hazardous and Chemical Waste Management through theoretical and particle sessions. This initiative was conducted under the direction of SLAF Commander and the Chief Of the Staff in last year with the sharing of technical knowledge to selected personal from 24 units in SLAF 5 bases throughout the island.

This progress review workshop was conducted on 27.11.2017 at the CEA head office with officers from 3 regional CEA offices and Pilisaru project which funds the training program. They have presented the financial progress of collection of recycling materials. A site visit was conducted for SLAF officers and by visiting Dompe Solid Waste Management Center they learnt the basic knowledge on the construction of sanitary landfilling site and management of composting site, quality control as well as deposition of non-decomposable wastes and treatment of discharges.

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