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Clinical Waste Management in Healthcare Institutions

According to the extraordinary gazette notification 1533/16 dated on 2008.01.25 under the number of 23 “A” National Environmental Act, every healthcare institution have to obtain an Environmental Protection License (EPL) and the Schedule Waste Management License (SWML). By regulating the EPL & SWML in the hospitals/ medical centers can systematize the clinical waste management.

At the present the licensed clinical waste final disposal facilitators are Sisili Hanaro Encare Private Limited and Sri Jayawardhanapura Hospital in Sri Lanka. The per day capacity of those facilitators are 10-12 metric tons. These two facilitators are not sufficient for the clinical waste incineration in the entire country.

According to the survey carried out by the CEA on healthcare waste, there are 1585 healthcare institutions island wide. Out of that 754 hospitals have obtained the EPL and only 54 hospitals have the SWML. The clinical waste generation in those 1585 institutions is 23.5 metric tons per day. But there is no proper solution for the rest of 10 metric tons, which is generated daily in the country.

Considering this situation the CEA will be taken necessary actions in order to health care institutions to obtain the EPL & SWML. This regulatory mechanism will useful to prepare a proper clinical waste management system in the country.


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