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Biodegradable Polythene Manufactures discus about future plans with CEA Officials

After banning the manufacturing, selling and using of thin polythene, the biodegradable Plastic has become the most important material in the market. Considering the needfulness of the biodegradable polythene products, a special meeting was held on 17th January 2018 at the CEA with the biodegradable plastic manufactures and the Senior Officers of CEA.
At the discussion the polythene manufactures expressed that, the people who are violating the law have to be punished and this raiding process have to be continued. Also they requested a kind of Tax concessions for imported biodegradable materials. They further expressed that if there any lack of polythene products in the market, it will leave in the short period of time and they will be able to provide lunch sheet at a value between 2 to 2.50 rupees.
By addressing the gathering Prof. Lal Dharmasiri, Chairman CEA said that the raiding process will continue in all over the country. Recently, CEA officers have done 146 raids and out of that for 10 manufactures, legal actions have been taken. He emphasized that, will take legal actions that are violating this law and baseless allegations.
33 biodegradable polythene manufactures are registered at the Central Environmental Authority. The budgetary concessions already offered by the government have affected the process. Manufactures agreed to provide data on alternative polythene products that are currently available in the market and products going to be produce in the future.








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