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Training Program for senior management of the CEA, on "Online Spatial Database System for Sustainable Management of Environmental Resource in Sri Lanka"

"Online Spatial Database System for Management of Environmental Resource in Sri Lanka" has been developed by the Research & Development Unit of the CEA in web interface of Arc GIS Online, incorporating various environmental related data layers.  The main objective of this   task is to improve efficiency of planning & decision making process of the CEA. This online system has been built using Arc GIS Online facility which  is available with Arc GIS software. It allows officers to access, use, create, query, extract and manage databases which are maintained by the CEA. Logging into this system can be done in any place where internet facilities are available  using a Desktop PC, Tablet PC or a Smart Mobile Phone. Neither knowledge on GIS nor special softwares is required in this regard.

Most of the  data layers which are maintained by the Research & Development Unit has already been uploaded to this system at present. Further, various data layers and information relevant to the environmental resources  of Sri Lanka is being cleaned for future uploading.

The series of training programs to make  the officers of the  CEA aware regarding this system, has been planned in this year .  It’s first training  programmed was conducted  successfully by the Research & Development Unit on 19th January 2018 at the Auditorium of the CEA head office.

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