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CEA Advised MILCO Company to construct Treatment plant to avoid water pollution of the irrigation channel

The officials of the Central Environmental Authority (CEA) have investigated the pollution caused by the untreated effluent discharge from the milk processing industry owned by the MILCO Company Ltd. The discharge was released to an irrigation channel which is used by the farmers for their cultivation and this has disturbed their livelihood. Considering the pollution occurred, the farmers and other parties in the area had complained to relevant Institutions including CEA.
As a result of that and considering the current situation the CEA called a meeting to find a solution with the relevant parties and aggrieved farmers on 16th November 2017 at CEA which was chaired by Prof. Lal Mervin Dharmasiri, Chairman, CEA.
It was revealed at this meeting the company has registered under the approval of BOI but had not obtained an Environmental Protection License (EPL) and not obtained any approval from the CEA or BOI for the expansion too.  
Due to the expansion of the company, the production of waste water has increased from 150,000 L to 300,000 L per day. But the company has no any treatment system to treat the effluent generate from the industry.
Considering the pollution occurred by the industry Prof. Dharmasiri thoroughly advised the company to construct a treatment plant and avoid water pollution in the irrigation canal. Also suggested that, to provide immediate solutions to rehabilitate the canal as a short term action.
The all participant including the MILCO Company agreed to solve this environmental issue within a short period. CEA has appointed a committee to monitor the progress monthly for the propose actions.
Mr. Hemantha Jayasinghe Director General of CEA, Dr. Sanjaya Rathnayake, Director, Environmental Pollution Control and other relevant parties were participated in this occasion.







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