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Integrated Solid Waste Management Project at Pethiyadeniya, Gampaha District

Considering the present situation in the country, regarding on the waste management, recycling, production of organic fertilizer using waste are the main methods to get rid of this bothersome issue.

Concerning the needfulness of the waste management project in Gampaha District the Central Environmental Authority has planned to establish a Landfill, which is used for final disposal of waste materials.
For this project Sri Lanka Treasury has released100 million rupees to Pilisaru Project, CEA and from that, the project plans to purchase waste bins for domestic use by spending 60 million rupees, 20 million rupees to purchase tractors, trailers for the project and for the construction of the waste management centre spending 20 million rupees. The estimated cost for constructing the waste management centre is Rs. 17,345,099.60.

The signing of agreement in regards to constructing the waste management centre, CEA signed MoU with Sanasa Engineering and Development (Pvt) Limited on 10th August 2017. Prof. Lal Mervin Dharmasiri, Chairman CEA and General Manager Sanasa Engineering and Development (Pvt) Limited were the two signatories.

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