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Scheduled Waste Management Licensing in Hospital System

As part of the implementing the Hazardous Waste Management Regulations (No 01 of 2008 by the extraordinary gazette notification No 1534/18 dated 01.02.2008) Scheduled Waste Management (SWM) licenses are also issued to the health care facilities. Accordingly 17 number of hospitals and laboratories in the country have been obtained the scheduled waste management license in this year. The Central Environmental Authority continuously aware the relevant officials of the hospital system in Sri Lanka and encourage them to obtain those licenses.
In order to facilitate the implementation of the  above mentioned regulations and providing solutions to the issues pertaining to the management of clinical wastes a health care waste management facility has been established with the involvement of Sisili Hanaro Encare (Pvt) Ltd, Ministry of Environment/Central Environmental Authority and the Ministry of Health under a tripartite agreement at the Mulleriyawa East Base Hospital. As per the agreement the services of this facility commenced on 4th January 2014 to accommodate line ministry hospitals in Colombo, Galle and Kandy. Presently, this centralized facility caters their service to both public and private healthcare institutions covering 11 districts in the county exceeding the capacity of 6 tons per day.
The CEA looking forward to increase the number of hospitals who obtain the SWM License and to manage their clinical waste in an environmentally sound manner.

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