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Sustainable Schools Promotion Program

As a conceptual idea of H.E the President Maithreepala Sirisena, collaborate with the Presidential Secretariat and the Ministry of Education has introduced a novel program called the Sustainable School Program. Food production, Environmental Conservation, Drug Control, Kidney Disease control and Child Protection are the key National Programs that are going to be the focus of this program. The program is conducted in selected 3409 schools in island wide.
In order to conduct a national program on Environmental Conservation, CEA as the main coordinator of this program, was conducted three day residential training program for Assistant Educational Directors and In Service Advisors (ISA) who are working as Trainers of Trainee,  from 26th to 28th April, 2017 at the National Education Institute, Maharagama. Nearly 60 trainers were participating in this program
The program consisted with very important lectures with the participation of eminent resource personnel. Environmental issues in Sri Lanka, Environmental Law, Conservation and importance of Bio Diversity, Soil, Water and Energy conservation methods, Landscaping, Waste Management, Sanitary Landfill and 3R- concept were the main topics discussed in the workshop and those areas will be very important for them to penetrate the knowledge to teachers who are working on and to move forward those selected schools as a sustainable school.

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