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World Environment Day -2017

World Environment Day -2017

In 1972 the United Nation conference decided to declare a World Environment Day and first World Environment Day commemoration was held in 1974 under the theme of “Only one Earth”   In year 2017, the World Environment Day commemoration will be held on 5th of June Under the theme of “Connecting people to Nature”.

As the main responsible Agency to protect the Environment in Sri Lanka, the Central Environmental Authority (CEA) conducts several programs in the Environment Week parallel to the World Environment Day in all Districts.

Environment Week has been declared by the government prior to the World Environmental Day under different themes. May 29th -  Environmental Education and Awareness Day, May 30th -  Environmental Cleanliness Day, May 31st - Waste Management Day, June 1st - Tree Planting Day, June 2nd - Water and Water Resources Conservation Day, June 3rd - Bio Diversity Conservation Day, June 4th - Sustainable Land Management Day and June 5th - World Environmental Day.
Based on those themes, many programs going to be conducted in Kaluthara District as well as in the all Island. The National Program will be held on 5th of June 2017 in the Vernon Fernando Ground, Kaluthara at 9.00 am under the patronage of H/E the President Maithripala Sirisena.

The Programs going to be conducted by the CEA in the Environmental Week as follows;

29th May 2017 - Environmental Education and Awareness Day
•    Conduct Awareness programs in Miriswaththa National School, Dodangoda, Bulathsinghala Central College, Bulathsinghala,  Kamburawala Maha Vidyalaya, Kamburala, Paanthiya Maha Vidyalaya, Mathugama, Thakshila Maha Vidyalaya, Horana
•    Donate waste bins for the 10 selected Schools and donate Bob Cat machines for Provincial Councils
•    Awareness program on Environment Management for National Institute of Education, Pasdunrata
•    Awareness program in Environmental Protection Licening process for Local Authorities
•     Establishment of Environmental Library for Palindi Nuwara, Morapitiya Weediya Bandara Maha Vidyalaya
•    Awareness program on Electronic Waste Management

31st May 2017 – Waste Management Day
•    Conduct E- Waste Drop off event in Kaluthara District by the Waste Management Unit
•    Conduct Thin Polythene Raiding program in Kaluthara District
•    Identifying irregular waste disposal places and direct Local Authorities to reduce the affect

1st June 2017 – Tree Palnting Day – District Program   
•    By selecting 25 school children representing one school from each district, given 25 plants and conduct awareness program for school children
•    Distribute 25 fruit plants in Kaluthara Balika Vidyalaya and conduct awareness program

5th June 2017 – World Environemntal Day
•    Attend 1000 Environmental Pioneers for National Program of World Environmental Day
•    Conduct 2 Cultural Events by Sri Palee Vidyalaya, Horana and Tamil Vidyalaya, Horana for the National Program
•    Attend 100 students from Kaluthara Balika Vidyalaya and Holly Cross College to welcome H/E President and other distinguished invitees

Wednesday, 31 May 2017 05:15 ஆம் திகதியில் இறுதியாக இற்றைப்படுத்தப்பட்டவாறு







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