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An Extraordinary Gazette No 2010/23, 2017.03.06 to rergulate Ground Water Exctraction.

There was no regulations till the above gazette was published on 06.03.2017 to regulate ground water extraction in the country. For the last two decades, ground water was extracted by many industries for various purposes with no control at all. This had resulted in drying out many domestic wells, causing serious hardships to people living around those industries.
Having learnt the seriousness of  this issue, the Central Environmental Authority (CEA) took an initiative  in 2010 with the Water Resource Board (WRB), which is a main regulatory agency main that has legal provisions to regulate ground water extraction and other natural water springs in the country. Amidst many difficulties, WRB succeeded finally to publish this gazette, which CEA thinks a good achievement in terms of ground water conservation of the country is concerned. In coming to this landmark, CEA played a big role in coordinating with other relevant state agencies and facilitating the meetings through the Inter Agency Coordinating Committee convened by CEA  to support WRB to draft this regulation.
Under this extraordinary gazette, activities have been clearly identified that are required to be obtained permits from WRB.  In the future, the legal actions will be taken by the WRB against individuals and industries who would extract ground water without obtaining permits as per the above gazette.

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