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To Study the Capability of Waste Management System, the CEA Visited the Cement Factory, Puttlam


Siam City Cement (earlier Holcim) Company is one of the long term Cement manufacturing company in Sri Lanka and get  involved in National Development Process. This company is following most of the Eco- friendly and Waste Management practices while maintaining the standards of cement manufacturing. INSEE Ecocycle (Geocycle) is one of the company affiliate to Siam City, who has won the National Green Awards several times based on Waste Management practices.    
Recently, Prof. Lal Mervin Dharmasiri, Chairman CEA, Mr. K.H. Mithukudaarachchi, Director General, CEA and Senior Officers of CEA visited the factory to observe the maintaining of Eco friendly processes according to the Environmental Protection License and their contribution to manage the waste in the country.
The most important fact in this industry is, in the manufacturing process, they need much higher temperatures like 1500 0C in the kiln which can be produced by burning of most of the waste created by the industries such as chemicals, clothes, husks, clinical waste, etc. So, that CEA was taken special attention to get their contribution to the waste management, which was a burning issue at present in Sri Lanka. Senior officers participated as 2nd part of this inspection tour on Aruakkaru mining site, 40 km Northern coastal line from Puttalam.
Prof. Lal Mervin Dharmasiri expressed that needful of industries who gave their contribution to strengthen the Economy of the country while maintaining the Environmental practices. Further Prof. Dharmasiri appreciated the Siam City Company for their great contribution and thinking of protecting the Environment.
Dr. Sanjaya Rathnayake Actg. Deputy Director General, Environmental Pollution Control (EPC) Division, Mr. Shivakumar, Director Environmental Pollution Control & Mr. Ajith Weerasundara, Director Waste Management Uint of CEA were also participated in the event.

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