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Central Environmental Authority and Coca – Cola Beverages Lanka Ltd. On a Public Privet partnership for Real time water quality monitoring system in the Kelani River

The Kelani river is an important source of drinking water, which provides 70% of the drinking water needs to the Metro Colombo area. The river also caters thousands of lives along its course providing domestic needs, transportation, extraction of natural resources, tourism,  recreation and  habitats  for  flora & fauna some of which are unique to the riverine ecosystem.

Protection & management of such waters is identified as a priority need considering the human health, existence of biodiversity and scenic beauty.  The Point & non point-source pollutants, which  enters the river water  directly through pipelines, or other conveyance mainly Industrial and municipal discharges, and  pollutad water from  runoff or leachate from various land use practices accounts the pollution of river water.

According to recent surveys, there are approximately 78 high & medium polluting industries located along the Kelani river. With recent development activities, it is predicted that the pollution may have increased, resulting in most of the dependants of the river water at a stake of danger.

Considering its policy for corporate social responsibility and their commitment of contributing to environmental protection & social concerns,  Coca Cola Beverages Sri Lanka Ltd. has provided  Rs. 150 Million (50 Million each for 03 years) to the Central Environmental Authority for environmental restoration work in Kelani river.

Since 2000 the Central Environmental Authority & the National Water Supply & Drainage Board conducted monthly water quality monitoring program for 12 selected locations along the Kelani river. Now the CEA has admitted the importance of continuous monitoring with modern technology which provide online monitoring results for decision making.  

With the intention of controlling future disasters and damages to the Kelani river water quality, the CEA intends to utilize the funds received from Coca-Cola Beverages, Sri Lanka Ltd., to establish real time water quality monitoring stations in  selected locations in the Kelani river. Using real time monitoring results, the concerned authorities will be able to prevent the damages likely caused by industries as well as from other sources to the water of the Kelani river.

The MOU was signed between the CEA and Coca Cola Beverages, Sri Lanka Ltd on 21.12.2016 to acquire and utilize the funds. The CEA Chairman, Prof. Lal Mervin Dharmasiri, Mr. Asoka Wickramasinghe,  Chairman, Coca- Cola Beverages, Sri Lanka Ltd, along with Mr. K.H. Muthukuda Arachchi, Director General - CEA, Dr. R.M.S.K. Ratnayake Actg. Deputy Director General (Environmental Pollution Control), Mr. Mayank Arora, Managing Director – Coca-Cola Beverages, Sri Lanka Ltd., and other officials from the CEA and Coca-Cola were present at the occasion.

Prof. Lal Dharmasiri Chairman, CEA emphasizes that it’s high time to protect the environment with the cooperation and assistance of each other whether  public or private. The partnership program is a turning point through which the general public may take the benefits of protecting the environment.

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