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Two-day Workshop for the Environmental Officers of CEA - Group VI

A two-day workshop for the Environmental Officers of the North Central and North Western Provinces of CEA was organized by the HRD Unit on 26 & 27 October 2018 at the National Inland Fisheries & Aquaculture Training Institute, Kalawewa. The workshop intended to enhance job related soft skills as well as general competencies of the EOs, and the lectures were delivered by eminent resource persons in the fields of Government Regulations, Organizational Culture, Team Building, Presentation Skills and Customer Care.

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Wednesday, 21 November 2018 08:42 අවසන් වර ට යාවත්කාල කළ දිනය








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"මුද්දර කියවීම" වැඩසටහන තොරතුරු මූලාශයක් ලෙසත් විනෝදංශයක් ලෙසත් මුද්දර කියවිම... තවදුරටත් කියවන්න
ඩෙංගු මර්දන වැඩසටහන-2018 ඩෙංගු වසංගතය නැවතත් වර්ධනය වීමේ ප්‍රවණතාවයක් පවතින බැවින්... තවදුරටත් කියවන්න