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Workshop on “Identification of Research Priority Areas relevant to the Mandate of the CEA”

Although a large number of research studies are conducted in the field of environment in our country annually, it has been revealed that there is a significant gap between the data and information generated through such research studies and information required by the CEA in implementing the provisions of the National Environmental Act (NEA).
Considering this situation the Central Environmental Authority has decided to hold a one day workshop to identify research priority areas in the fields of Pollution Control, Natural Resources Management, Waste Management, Environment Education and Awareness and Environmental Law. A workshop in this regards was held on 28thof September 2017 at 8.45 am to 4.30 pm at the Center for Housing, Planning and Building, Pelawatta.
Each sector was guided by an expert in that field.

  • 1.    Natural Resources Management
    Dr. H. Manthrithilake, Head Sri Lanka Development Initiative, IWMI
    2.    Pollution Control
    Prof. Ajith De Alwis, Project Director, COSTI
    3.    Waste Management
    Dr. Mahesh Jayaweera, Senior Lecturer, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Moratuwa
    4.    Environmental Education & Awareness
    Prof. Raja Gunawardhana, Retired Professor of Education
    5.    Environmental Law
    Mr. Jagath Gunawardena, Legal Consultant, Central Environmental Authority
    About 80 officers attached to the head office and regional offices of the CEA participated on this occasion. It has been planned to prepare a document on “Research Priority Areas relevant to the Mandate of the CEA” based on the outcome of the workshop soon.
Monday, 16 October 2017 05:15 අවසන් වර ට යාවත්කාල කළ දිනය


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