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Mr.Mahinda AmaraweeraHon. Mahinda Amaraweera, Minister of Environment

 It is with great pleasure that I remind that, the policy of the government based on the present
 “Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour”, with the objective of building a prosperous Sri Lanka through four foundations, has been admired in a maximum ...........Read more
chairman-Mr.S Amarasinghe
Message of Mr. Siripala Amarasinghe, Chairman of Central Environmental Authority
The Central Environment Authority is the national regulatory institution .......Read more
IMG 7027 Final 2
Message of Mr. Hemantha Jayasinghe, Director General of Central Environmental Authority
The mutual bond that exists between the human race and the environment is such that it ensures the long-term....Read more

Welcome to Central Environment Authority

The Central Environmental Authority (CEA) was established in August 1981 under the provision of the National Environmental Act No:47 of 1980. The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (ME&NR) which was established in December 2001 has the overall responsibility in the affairs of the CEA with the objective of integrating environmental considerations in the development process of the country. The CEA was given wider regulatory powers under the National Environment(Amendment) Acts No:56 of 1988 and No:53 of 2000.

While the world leaders have entered the development of an environment friendly through  number of treaties and agreements,Our country has associated with the world to achieve the sustainable development by 2030, while accomplishing 17 sustainable development objectives, which have been made by broadening the millennium goals. It is especially needed to make our journey speedier while concentrating towards the correct direction.Whereas all ministries and institutions have the responsibility towards this direction, it is my belief that the Central Development Authority, which is under the Ministry of Environment and Wildlife a leading organization related to the subject, has a tremendous responsibility.  

Message of the Hon. State Minister of Environment, Jayantha Samaraweera.
It is the general expectation of the public that the Central Environment Authority monitor the sustainable usage of natural resources as well as the control and prevention of the environmental pollution that result due to number of activities that are being done by people as well as through various industrial and service organizations. In the same manner, it is essential that the Central Environment Authority takes steps to build the environmental interest of the public as well as their participation and also to build an environmental friendly industrial and service culture. While appreciating the tasks implemented by the Central Environment Authority, I wish the encouragement of the functions of the Central Environment Authority.

Jayantha Samaraweera
Hon. State Minister of Environment

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