Indian Tour for Presidential Medalist- 2019

The Presidential medalist who has obtained the highest marks for the Presidential Medal participated from an Indian tour from 15th to 20th September, 2019 at the Anil Agrawal Environmental Training Institute, Nimli, Rajasthan, with the collaboration of Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), New Delhi.
Medalist visited several important places relevant to environmental conservation, namely, AAETI, Decentralized Wastewater Treatment System, Hoswin Biomedical waste incinerator facility, Alwar, Rajasthan, Whyte Organic Farms, Taj Mahal, DMRC Museum, Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary and Indira Paryavaran Bhawan, Ministry of Environment Forestry & Climate Change (MoEFCC).
New Delhi Metro railway system was visited by the medalist which was used by 3.2 million passengers per day for their daily transport requirements. The system spreads over underground, land and flyovers lines totally function with 100% electronic system.

Indira Paryavaran Bhawan, is the place of  Ministry of Environment which was very effectively used practical approaches in green building concept. The building is a model of sustainable development and green building concept where zero waste generation, 100% solar power usage, maximum usage of sunlight for light requirement inside the building and underground air used to maintain the indoor cooling condition according to the seasonal requirement.  
Another important place visited by medalist was the Neemaran University, Rajasthan which was also very effectively used in Eco friendly practices. It was observed that no AC and fans are used in the University and natural wind used for the ventilation of the building. Natural sunlight used for the light requirement and surrounded area is covered with plants to obtain the pure air.
Hoswin Biomedical waste incinerator facility, Alwar, Rajasthan was another important place visited during the tour to observe the clinical waste management collected from 4 hospitals.

Whyte Organic Farms, Rajasthan was visited to observe the organic farming under the proper management system of fodder preparation process, cow feeding system, milk collecting system and milk bottling system.  
Presidential Medalists awarded with a certificate for their participation by the Centre for Science  & Environment, New Delhi.
The Environmental Education Unit of the CEA organized this tour for 48 medalists who have obtained the highest marks for the medal test representing 31 schools. As a motivation for their contribution towards the protection and conserving of the environment, the CEA decided to give this opportunity to gain international experience for the medalist. Further, students can learnt the new environmental management methods in order to develop their knowledge and skills.

The participant list is as below:

     Students    Name of School
1    T.M.G.Divanga Vishmagith Bandara    K/Sripalee Vidyalaya, Horana
2    U.K.Shamika Imantha    G/Richmond College,Galle
3    P.G. Randika Dilshan Upatissa    CP/Katu/Dippitiya Secondary School, Kandy
4    H.W.Bhashitha Dilshan    H/Bowala Junior School, Hambantota
5    W.P.G. Pulasthi Heshan    Mo/Dutugemunu Central College, Buttala
6    K.G. Vihaga Sathsara Deshan    R/Amb/Ambilipitiya Maha Vidyalaya, Ambilipitya
7    M.P. Roshan Champika Manamendra    B/Udawela Central College, Badulla
8    G. Amith Madusanka    R/Gankanda Central College, Pelmadulla
9    W.G. Sahan Sandeepa Jayarathna    CP/Katu/Dippitiya Secondary School, Kandy
10    W. Danushka Lakshan    H/Bowala Junior School, Hambantota
11    I.D. Duvindu Thilan    G/Karandeniya Central College, Galle
12    N.W. Chelaka Theekshana    Mo/Dutugemunu Central College, Buttala
13    N.E.G. Vikash Pramod    R/Amb/Rahula National school, Godakawela
14    R.M. Thulanga Prabath    Mo/Dutugemunu Central College, Buttala
15    K.G.Tiruni Erandi     K/Sri Sumangala Balika Vidyalaya, Panadura
16    A.Tharushi Maheshika Silva    K/Sri Sumangala Balika Vidyalaya, Panadura
17    Adithya Anuththara Jayawardane    G/ Southlands College, Galle
18    N.K.G.R.I. Sawwandi    CP/Waththegama Balika maha Vidyalaya, Waththegama
19    M.A.Binari Pabasara    R/Sumana Balika Vidyalaya, Rathnapura
20    K.K. Kithma Thulhari    Mr/Sujatha Vidyalaya, Matara
21    A.D. Kavindya Sandeepani    R/Sumana Balika Vidyalaya, Rathnapura
22    I.P. Lokuliyana    Mo/Dutugemunu Central College, Buttala
23    E. Saruni Sasinindu    Mr/St. Thomas Girl's High School, Matara
24    M.D. Sachini Sashikala Nandasiri    Mo/Dutugemunu Central College, Buttala
25    B.A.U. Indeewari Perera    Co/Visakha Vidyalaya, Colombo
26    N. G.P. Madushani Gunarathna    Ku/Udabadalawa Sudharshana Maha Vidyalaya, kurunegala
27    D.P.A.N.Uthkarsha Chandrasena    Co/Visakha Vidyalaya, Colombo
28    M.H.Imasha Madhavi    K/Sripalee Vidyalaya, Horana
29    A. Krishanthi Navodya Nethmini    NW/I/Gane/Kubukgete Maha Vidyalaya, Ibbagamuwa
30    R.M. Madushani Ranasingha    Ku/Udabadalawa Sudharshana Maha Vidyalaya, Kurunegala
31    Yeshika Tharindi Munasinghe    K/Sripalee Vidyalaya, Horana
32    R.G.H. Anuththara Chandra kumara    CP/Swarnamali Maha Vidyalaya, Kandy
33    R.S.D. Anupama Sethmini Rajapaksha    NW/Ku/ Srimath John Kothalawala Maha Vidyalaya,Kurunegala
34    B.M. Tharushi Ravindya Bandaranayaka    Mo/Dutugemunu Central College, Buttala
35    A.D. Semini Thamalika    H/Ambagahahena Maha Vidyalaya, Hambantota
36    R.M.T. Thathsarani Weerasingha    Mo/Dutugemunu Central College, Buttala
37    U.G.J.C. Dinushi Kithsiri    CP/Mahamaya Girl's College, Kandy
38    D.Sanduni Madhuvindi Hewavitharana    R/Sumana Balika Vidyalaya, Rathnapura
39    Aruljohnson Thadshayani    Bt/St. Cecilia's Girl's College, Baticaloa
40    A.W.T. Kumari Abeyruwan    CP/Thel/Theldeniya National School, Theldeniya
41    R.K. Ashweeni Maneesha Uththamangi    R/Sumana Balika Vidyalaya, Rathnapura
42    Chathuni Amanda Hewa Ambepitiya    Mr/Sujatha Vidyalaya, Matara
43    Tharushi Ama Ruwanpathirana    H/Beliatta Central College, Hambantota
44    J.R. Avishka Kavindi     NW/Maliyadewa Balika Vidyalaya, Kurunegala
45    K.R.P. Hiruni Sawbhagya Lakmali    Po/Dibu/Alawakubura Maha Vidyalaya, Plonnaruwa
46    H.M. Imashi Malsha Shyamalki    Po/Dibu/Alawakubura Maha Vidyalaya, Plonnaruwa
47    Sanmuganathan Priyatharsika    V/ Koomankulam Siththi  Vinayakar Vidyalaya, Vavunia
    Teachers In-charge    
48    Mr.M.D.Jayasiri (Principal)    K/Sripalee Vidyalaya, Horana
49    Mr.R.M.Senewirathne (Principal)    Mo/Dutugemunu Central College, Buttala
50    Ms: K.A. Suneetha Viraji Manohari    R/Sumana Balika Vidyalaya, Rathnapura
51    Mrs: H.H. Anusha Dilanthi    Mo/ Ranjan Wijayarathna Maha Vidyalaya, Buttala
52    Mrs.H.A.B.M. Ariyarathna    Mo/ Nannapurawa Vidya Vidyalaya,Monaragala
    Education ministry    
53    Mrs. W.A.D. Anomali    Assistant Educational Director (Piliyandala Zonal Office)

  •     CEA Officers - Head Office    
    54    Sunil Udukala    Director
    55    H.M.Ajith Bandara    Assistant Director

    56    D.M.T.K.Dissanayake    Assistant Director
    57    B.S.Ruwanthi    Environmental Officer

        CEA District & Provincial Officers     
    58    Mr.T.L.A.Priyankara     Monaragala Distric office
    59    Mr.H.A.P.R.Jayathilaka    Polonnaruwa District Office

    60    Mrs. O.G.K.R.Premawansha     Monaragala Distric office
    61    J.A.Wethma Wishwajee Jayasinghe    Sabaragamuwa Provincial Office
    62    M.K.Lasika Subashini Amarasena    Sabaragamuwa Provincial Office
    63    Mrs. L.G.S.Hemakanthi    Kalutara District Office
    64    Mrs.Rajini Baskaran    Batticaloa District Office

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