District Environment Conference In Mannar District

With the concept of the “Blue Green Era” (Neela Haritha Yugaya) Government implements Reforestation Programm as a National event every year in the country. This year program scheduled to be held in Mannar District with the chairmanship of His Excellency President on 2018.10.05.
In Accordance with the event District Environment conference organized by the District Secretary, Mannar to discuss with the relevant Ministries, Departments and State Institutions that are working in related to the environment activities.
Burning issues, such as Sand mining, Waste management and Coastal erosion are identified as environmental issues in the District. At that meeting, Mr. P.B Hemantha Jayasinghe, the Director General of the CEA participated and discussed with relevant agencies to rectify the issues with proper mechanism.
In the meeting, Additional Secretary to the President’s Secretariat, District Secretary of Mannar, Assistant Secretary of the President’s Secretariat, Divisional Secretaries, Hon. Chairman of Manthai West and Nanattan PS, Secretaries of LA, Army, STF, Air force, Commissioner of Local Government of NP, Provincial Director of RDA of NP and local heads of the District also participated.

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