The CEA Continues the Polythene Raiding island wide………………. At Grandpass

The Central Environmental Authority (CEA) collaborates with the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) conducted a banned polythene raiding program on 25th July at Grandpass.
During the raiding, they were able to capture another banned polythene cutting and packing industry at Grandpass, owned by Mr. Mohommed Salahudeen Hasheemdeen No. 44/16, 19th Lane, Stess Road, Colombo 14.
24 poly sack bags consisted with 164,750 non compliance lunch sheets were taken under custody while this raid.
The CEA continues to bring the offenders before respective courts with evidences gathered through the day and night raids conducted island wide in the production, sale and use of banned polythene products with the assistance of Environmental Police.
Accordingly, the Consumer Affairs Authority has sealed all the banned lunch sheets and taken into their custody to be produced to the courts.
As all the products are being banned in accordance with the regulations of both CEA & CAA, to separate legal action will be taken by respective institutes.

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