An Extraordinary Gazette No 2024/6, 2017.06.19 for declaration of Warathennna- Hakkinda as an Environmental Protection Area


Considering its significant environmental importance, Warathenna-Hakkinda area in Peradeniya, Kandy, has been declared as an Environmental Protection Area (EPA) by the extraordinary Gazette Notification no. 2024/6 and dated 19.06.2017 under section 24 C and 24 D of the National Environmental Act (NEA) No. 47 of 1980. This is the ninth (9th) EPA declared under the NEA. Accordingly, only the permitted uses mentioned in the Gazette notification are allowed to be implemented within the area with the approval of the Central Environmental Authority (CEA).

This Warathenna-Hakkinda EPA includes a part of the Mahaweli river, all islands and river bank within the boundaries mentioned in the Gazette. The widest place and the narrowest place of the Mahaweli river are located within this area, with distinctive geographic features creating a unique ecosystem. The Biodiversity of this area is high since it provides habitats for some important flora and fauna species. It’s a responsibility of all of us protecting this exceptional ecosystem for the future.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 16 August 2017 06:35


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