Technical Facilitation to control Environmental Pollution by industries

Registration procedure for the Consultants / Laboratories

The EPL applicant must take adequate measures to control pollution in respect of wastewater discharges, air and noise emissions to meet the stipulated environmental standards.It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that wastes are disposed so as to minimize effects in all three environmental media (air, water, land) thus achieving the optimum environmental solution overall, through Best Practicable Environmental Option (BPEO) and "Best Available Technology"(BAT).

For this purpose an applicant of the Environmental Protection Licence (EPL) is required to assess the pollution levels which are caused due to the operation of such industrial activity by measuring such discharges and emissions from a recognized Laboratory.

1.    List of specialists/consultants

2.    List of Laboratories

Measurements of certain environmental parameters or assessments have to be carried out by certain industrialists in order to prove that the pollution levels conform to the standards stipulated by the CEA. The applicant has to take appropriate pollution abatement measures if the discharges and emission levels exceed the stipulated environmental standards.

A list of specialists/consultants has been identified by the CEA for the purpose of facilitating the industrialists to obtain necessary technological guidance and advice / consultancy to control the environmental pollution. Also a list of Laboratories has been prepared for environmental monitoring purposes; industrialists could get their waste or air sample tested to check that their samples conform to the standards stipulated by the CEA.

In order to facilitate the industrialists to overcome these problems faced and to provide better service to the industrial community the CEA review and update the consultants and laboratories lists from time to time by assessing their performance.

Applications will be called once in two years for registration of consultants/ laboratories.

If any specialists/consultants or laboratory wishes to register themselves with the CEA. They have to submit the completed Registration Form along with the following documents.

•    Business Registration

•    The Company Profile

•    Customer satisfaction letters from 03 successfully completed projects.

•    Educational Qualifications of the staff

The fee for the registration of a Consultant/Specialist/Laboratory is Rs. 15000/= (Government approved tax should be included to this)

Two years subscription fee is Rs20000/=(Government approved tax should be included to this)

•    Renewal Form of Registration for Laboratory / Consultant / Specialist

Committee for determining the sitting of High & Medium Polluting Industries  outside industrial estates ,Export Processing Zones and industrial estates ( H&M committee):

According to the cabinet memorandum no 93/340/166 dated 15/09/1993, this committee wasformed to determine the siting of High and Medium Polluting Industries outside of Industrial Estates, Export Processing Zones and industrial estates. This is one of the important decision making committee of the EPC Unit. This committee consists of members from the Board of Investment (BOI), National Water Supply &Drainage Board (NWS & DB), Ministry of Industry & Commerce, Industrial Technology Institute (ITI), UrbanDevelopment Authority (UDA) and the Central Environmental Authority.

Main objective of this committee is to minimize the water pollution caused by industrial effluents discharge mainly to the Kelani River as the Kelani River provides raw water from Ambatale for the supplying of almost 75% of the demand in the Greater Colombo Area. Other than that the committee provides technical inputs to evaluate proposals on locating high and medium polluting industries outside the Kelani river basin which generate high amount of wastewater.


Loan scheme for small & medium industries for creating environment friendly industrial environment

E- Friend loan scheme was introduced to create environmental friendly industrial environmental for small and medium industries by the EPC unit and Project Management Unit of Ministry of Industry & Commerce.

This loan scheme provides low cost loans to entrepreneurs that want to find out solutions to the environment problems such as industrial pollutions caused by their manufacturing, waste minimization, resource recovery and savings, pollution control and abatement measures and associated design, energy consumption and for environmental improvement initiatives.


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