Message of Mr. Hemantha Jayasinghe, Director General of Central Environmental Authority

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 The mutual bond that exists between the human race and the environment is such that it ensures the long-term existence of humanity. If one is made to live in an environment where there is no ecological balance, it gives rise to a question of human existence, making it necessary that one would need a great deal of efforts to control the effects of such an imbalanced ecology.

We are proud to be a citizen in this blessed country which is one of the recognized hotspot in the world map. As an integral part of the environment, it is our duty to respect and protect the other constituent parts around us, like flora and fauna.

It is in order to regulate this mission that the Central Environmental Authority has been established properly backed by all the necessary legal provisions and well provided with a capable staff. Thus, they are entrusted with the noble task of protecting the environment for the existence of all Sri Lankans and while ensuring the required leadership of His Excellency the President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the Chairman and myself to fulfill that task at all times overcoming all obstacles, I bring herewith my blessings for the successful functioning of the CEA on the land of Sri Lanka.

P.B Hemantha Jayasinghe
Director General
Central Environmental Authority

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