Chairman's Message Central Environmental Authority

The Central Environment Authority is the national regulatory institution related to the Sri Lankan environmental conservation, which is functioned under the provisions of the National Environmental (Amended) Act No. 47 of 1980. The Central Environment Authority is in the process of the sustainable management of the natural resources and also in controlling and preventing of environmental pollution that take place due to the activities of various human actions as well as from industries and businesses. In addition to that, the Central Environmental Authority also implement functions related to the environmental education and promotion, which are required to enhance the environmental knowledge, understanding and interest of the people, which is the basic foundation of the process of the environmental conservation.

It is necessary to get accustomed to the environmental policy, which is in the government policy “Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour”, and make all our activities efficiently and productively, and to win the challenge of the existence of the decent existence of the present generation, while safeguarding the environmental inheritance of the future generation. In the process of taking forward the entire environmental conservation process, the Central Environmental Authority consistently supports the government policy of the enhancement of the forest cover up to 30%, by way of preserving the existing forest cover and also through the reforestation of this blessed country  

To minimize the global heating up, which presently has become an environmental and social issue, an activity that we can do in addition to environmental regulatory function, is the tree planting and to encourage the people towards that. It is my expectation to encourage the dedication of the Central Environmental Authority and to provide the leadership to achieve that objective, towards the well being of the people, while conserving the environment through the policy of the new government lead by His Excellency the President.     


S. Amarasingha
Central Environmental Authority.


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