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The present Post-Covid-19 “new normal”, society should move forward along an expeditious futuristic path in the realization of the social upheaval necessary to counter  the crisis created by the  economic crisis. To that end, the future vision of His Excellency the  President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, Hon. Ranil Wickramasinghe has been formulated based on the objectives of restoring and fostering democracy, building broader public participation through the People’s Assembly system for strengthening democracy and making Sri Lanka a developed country by the year 2048.

It is essential  to realize the aspiration of building  “an advanced economy” by navigating through a sustainable development path recognized by the global society. Measures already initiated for the promotion of renewable energy approaches deserved to be commended as a component of green economy. In the process of building an advanced economy, I firmly believe that the regulatory function of the Central Environmental Authority  is an essential element in achieving the lofty objective.

Though the achievement of sustainable development goals is an extremely challenging task amidst global warming and resultant climate changes, adopting and approach vigorous activism will be an essential element in the realization of these noble goals.  
The application of the provisions of the National Environment Act in a more vigorous manner for creating a healthy environment with the sustainable management of resources, addressing threats to the  environment including carbon emission ensurs environmental justice to all. My ambition is to dedicate myself to help people realize their aspirations for a healthy environment while giving leadership to the institution, CEA.


Supun S. Pathirage
Central Environmental Authority  


Last Updated on Friday, 04 November 2022 07:02


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