Walauwewatte Wathurana Environmental Protection Area


  • Province  Western 
     Village  Damparadugoda located at the private land owned by    Wijesekarafamily and presently managed by the    WalauwewattePlantation Company
    Area 0.062045 km2 (6.2045 ha)
    Gazette Notification No 1598/21 Dated: 2009.04.24
  • Importance
The only freshwater swamp forest with unique features recorded up to date in Sri Lanka.
The only site where the plant species Stemnoporousmooni(‘Hora Wal’) Mesuastylosa(Suwanda) is in wild habitat, in the world.
High bio-diversity.
Significant area for research and scientific studies.
Map 06 - Walauwewatta Wathurana
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