Scheduled Waste Management (Hazardous Waste Management) Licensing

Hazardous Waste have been defined as the Scheduled Waste and prescribed under the Gazette Extra Ordinary 1534/18 Dated 01.02.2008.

As per the regulations stipulated under the Part II of the National Environmental (Protection & Quality) Regulations No 01 of 2008 all persons involved in the handling of (Generate, Collect, Transport, Store, Recover or Recycle and Disposal of waste or establish any site or facility for the disposal) Scheduled Waste specified in the Schedule VIII of the regulation should obtain a license from the Central Environmental Authority.

 The Scheduled Waste Management Licensing Procedure

  •  Step 1: Submission of the duly filled application for the Scheduled Waste Management together with the supportive documents.

Documents required/ Supportive documents

  1. Business registration
  2. Site plan
  3. Waste Management plan and related agreements
  4. Route sketch to the site
  5. Any other relevant approvals and documents
  • Step 2: Payment of the inspection fee

Inspection fee is only charged for the initial inspection.
Those industries which have been obtained the Environmental Protection License (EPL) from the Central Environmental Authority are exempted from the inspection fee.

  •  Step 3: Site inspection

Officers of the Waste Management Unit/ CEA will carry out the site inspection.

  • Step 4: Issuance of the License

If the Hazardous Waste Management practices are satisfactory license is issued after the payment of the License fee.

License fee :

Generator Rs   1 000.00  + Government Taxes
Collector Rs   1 000.00 + Government Taxes
Storer    Rs 10 000.00 + Government Taxes
Transporter   Rs   2 000.00 + Government Taxes
Recycler  Rs   5 000.00 + Government Taxes
Recoverer Rs   5 000.00 + Government Taxes
Disposer    Rs 100 000.00 + Government Taxes
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